The pattern of improvement identified from a worker having performed a task multiple time is known as
Both Reduced Failure Rate and Learning Curve,
Optimistic Estimate.
Reduced Failure Rate.
Learning Curve.
Both Optimistic Estimate and Learning Curve

Which of the following is true of multiweighted scoring models?
Will include qualitative criteria.
Each criterion is assigned a weight.
Projects with higher scores are considered more desirable.
Will include quantitative criteria.
All of these are true

___ activities must be completed immediately before a particular activity

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Which of the following is a disadvantage of a projectized organization
It is expensive
Poor integration
High complexity
Longer project duration
Lack of focus on project

Learning curves are more likely to be applied in situations where most of the costs are

Labor and materials.

Evenly spread over material labor and overhead

Which of the following activities is the best example of a project?
Writing a policy manual
Producing automobiles
Processing insurance claims
Overseeing customer requests
All of the answers are correct

Examples of nonfinancial criteria include all of the following EXCEPT
Reducing dependency on unreliable suppliers
Capturing a larger market share.
Making it difficult for competitors to enter the marker
Preventing government intervention and regulation.
Calculating the time, it will take to recover the project investment.

Quality function deployment (QFD) consists of a series of matrix diagrams that define product design changes and the ramifications of implementing those changes.

The material storage space required for in-process inventory is typically larger in
A fixed-position layout
A process layout
A product layout
A cellular manufacturing layout

The service concept defines how a service differs from other similar products and how it will compete in the marketplace.

What is a key advantage of flexible manufacturing systems compared to an assembly line layout?
Shorter setup times
Less inventory in process
Shorter queue times
Combination of flexibility with efficiency

The design process begins with
A feasibility study.
A form design.
Pilot runs and final tests.
Understanding the customer and identifying customer needs.

An airline is an example of
Mass Service
Professional services
Service factory
Service shop

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