write doen the marketing plan to open retail store (how would you sell yourself to potential investor or banks.

Paper Outline

I.Situation Analysis

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Internal Environment (Exhibit 3.3)

i. State your job/career situation and strategic goals (related to getting the desired job/clients)

.ii. What are your strengths (e.g., experience, skills, connections, etc.) and weaknesses in relation to achieving your goals?

b. Customer Environment (abbreviated from Exhibit 3.4)i.

Who are your potential “customers” (i.e., employers/clients who would be hiring you)? These would be your “target market.”ii. What would they want from you?c.

External Environment (Exhibit 3.5)i. Analyze potential competitors (people going for the same job/clients) and any industry trends that could affect your ability to meet your objectives.ii. Discuss any sociocultural, economic, technological, political, and legal trends (positive or negative) that could affect your ability to reach your goals.(continued on next page)

II.Marketing Mix Strategies (discuss in relation to you as the product)a.

Producti. Create a “positioning statement” for yourself that can be used as an elevator pitch (brief statement that summarizes how you want to be seen by potential employers/customers). The elevator pitch would be what you would tell a prospective employer/client about yourself if you had only about 30 seconds to create the desired image of yourself (and your “brand”).

b. Promotioni. What are the best ways to promote yourself throughout the process of being hired or getting a client (e.g., pre-interview, during interview, after interview, and other ways to promote yourself). Consider all types of ideas (online and offline)

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