Differentiate between attributes and skills. Identify and explain why: three attributes and three skills that are important in health office administration.

2. Define professionalism (in your own words) what does it mean for a health care professional?
3. What is the purpose of a medical office simulation component, an externship, or a co-op placement experience?
4. What does working within your scope of practice mean?
5. List the benefits of on-going education for the administrative health professional:
6. What is meant by the term triage? How does effective triage relate to a good judgment?
7. State the main advantages of belonging to a professional organization:
8. List the 5 dimensions of wellness, and give an example of each:
9. What are the implications of the rise in antibiotic-resistant organisms in Canadians?
10. What is a chronic illness? What impact do chronic illnesses have on our society today?
11. Identify the 5 stages of illness and the typical responses at each stage
12. Define culture and explain the various components of culture.
13. How can administrative health professionals protect the privacy of a very modest patient?
14. What is the purpose of the Canadian Healthcare Act, when was it passed?
15. What are the five principles of the Canadian Health Act, and what do they mean?
16. What constitutes a primary care setting?
Emily is 84 years old and is admitted to hospital with a broken hip, she is also showing early signs of dementia. Following surgery, it is determined that she no longer can manage at home. Research the services available in your community for Emily and the steps Emily of her family must take to access these services. What type of long-term care facilities are available? What are the costs involved?

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