Developing a Global Advertising Campaign Plan

You must prepare a global advertising campaign for a global brand you choose for a specific market you choose. You must include the following topics in your campaign plan.

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A. Research/Introduction: Background information (history) about the global brand in the market you choose. If possible then please identify the current market share. Brief competition analysis. Who are the biggest competitors of your global brand in this market. Very brief information about them.

B. Target Audience: Who will be the primary consumers that your brand in this campaign will talk to? Don’t forget to pay attention to Hofstede’s culture scores for the market you choose. You can write about some of these topics: What are their demographic characterstics (such as gender, education, marital status, age…), psychographic characteristics (such as main concerns, desires, motivations, life-styles, worries…) and behavioral characteristics (such as when do they use your brand?, where?, with whom?, why? and how frequently?)

C. Current Communication Problem: What is missing in the current marketing communication of the brand in the specific market? What is the thing that needs to be focused on the advertising campaign? Identification of the brand’s communicational problem or advertising need in the context of the target audience selected.

D. Marketing Communication strategy/message/positioning: How do you want your target audience know your brand? What should come to the their minds when they think or hear about or see your brand? The answer which is the place your brand occupies in the target audiences’ minds is called positioning. For example: the positioning of Volvo cars is “safety”. Positioning should be related your brands’ core values, competencies, perspective, philosophy, culture etc. The positioning should be the magnet that will appeal/attract the target audience to wish to gather around or come closer to the brand.

E. The slogan: Please identify a good slogan that will fit with your positioning and will lead the positioning for the goals of the campaign.

F. Ad Application: TV or Internet Display Commercial: Write a film scenario/script/synopsis according to the message/positioning/slogan you have already developed. Please remember to pay attention to Hofstede’s six cultural dimensions’scores and tailor your film scenario/script/synopsis to these cultural dimensions. After writing it, please very clearly explain how you matched up (tailored) your scenario/script/synopsis based on these scores. You must provide examples (words, sentences, seen things…) from your scenario/script/synopsis for all of the six cultural dimensions.

G. Planned Integrated Marketing Communication Tools: What kind of events or corporate social responsibility projects would you also make to help your tv advertising? Or would you also get help from social media? How? Please provide some information about the events, corporate social responsibility projects or social media support you plan to use in your campaign.

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