This is an extremely important exercise. The transference of knowledge/understanding from the classroom to real life is an expected outcome of this course. Researching relative information, summarizing it in your own words, and recording your thoughts/comments enhances learning transference.

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At the end of each Chapter, there is a section labeled “Key Terms.” Choose one of the Key Terms at the end of the chapter section, from the section called, “Key Terms,” and research online or in written publications; find a current news article that contains your chosen Key Term. Summarize it in two or three paragraphs. Include two or three paragraphs with your personal Comments. Note: Each summary/ comment paragraphs must contain only 2-5 sentences. Watch out for plagiarism. This IS NOT a TERM PAPER!!! Only “1” page in length!!!

Article: (Title of article)

Article Date: (Date of article)

Reference: (Source of article)

Chapter:(Chapter #)

Key Term: (End of chapter key-term)

The Lean Startup (Links to an external site.) by Eric Ries

In The Lean Startup, investor Eric Ries (Links to an external site.) discusses scientific, systematic lean manufacturing (Links to an external site.) strategies so startups, entrepreneurs, and business managers can make fast decisions in a constantly changing world. The author uses real-life examples to illustrate the concepts he talks about–although mostly from his own entrepreneurial experiences at IMVU, the social media gaming company he co-founded.

Instead of elaborate business plans, The Lean Startup recommends the build-measure-learn feedback loop (Links to an external site.) for businesses to continuously test their vision, change direction before it’s too late, and thrive in an age when innovation and agility are extremely vital to success.

from the Northcentral University website.we don’t have exactly reference.


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