• frozen fruit Industry
  • Global Supply Chain of frozen fruit Industry
  • Current Trends of External Risk in Global Supply Chain in Frozen Fruit Walmart Canad Industry
  • Vulnerability analysis (of supply chain systems, processes and components)
  • Risk Prioritisation (along the supply chain and identify tools and strategies to monitor and/or prevent them)
  • Financial implications and impact of identified supply chain risks
  • Strategies and tools to mitigate risks (that should be considered during network design)
  • Back-up and contingency plans (for various supply chain risk factors)
  • Use/benefits of diversifying suppliers and service providers ( ensuring supplier quality, multi-sourcing, insurance, and legal advice in the process of mitigating risk.)
  • Trade-offs to minimize risk impact (and guide supply chain decision-making e.g., by transferring, avoiding, reducing or accepting identified risks).
  • Policies, procedures and physical controls (to manage identified risks, maintain best practices, and ensure regulatory compliance)
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