Mary Brown, the supervisor of the word processing center in Delta Corporation in San Antonio, recently retired because of her age. During the years she has been supervisor, various managers felt that Brown should be dismissed because of her laxness in supervising ten employees in the center. Despite the fact that she was reaching retirement age, she was not dismissed. The employees were often late to work, took longer breaks than was permissible, took advantage of the corporation in terms of sick leave, and so forth. Mary was repeatedly asked to be more strict and assertive in her supervisory capacity, but no noticeable changes were ever made. When the qualifications for the replacement for Mary Brown were developed, the decision was made that the new supervisor should be more authoritarian and should require employees in the word processing center to conform with existing company policy. The replacement, Anna-bell Jackson, was hired primarily because of her authoritarian characteristics. All her former employers who were contacted regarding Jackson’s performance mentioned her authoritarian personality. Because of the laxness of Brown and the hope that Jackson could improve the situation, she was offered the job. As the administrative office manager, you are aware that the first day Jackson is on the job will probably determine whether or not the employees in the word processing center will cooperate with her. Thus, you feel a necessity to discuss several thing with her before her first day on the job.

1. Identify the types of information she should know about the employees in the word processing center (5 marks)

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2. Discuss the approach you believe Jackson should take in winning the respect and cooperation of the employees in the word processing center. (10 marks)

3. Outline and discuss the recommended skills Jackson should possess which would ensure her success as a supervisor in the word processing department.


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