According to a government agency, 56.7% of mothers in a certain region were breast-feeding their six-month-old babies in 2016. Suppose a health insurance company would like to estimate the proportion of mothers in the region who breast-fed their children at six months in 2018. A random sample of 211 mothers with six-month-old babies was selected, 125 of which were breast-feeding. Complete parts a through c.

– Construct a 95% confidence interval to estimate the actual proportion of mothers with six- month-old babies that were breast-feeding in 2018. and an upper limit of The confidence interval has a lower limit of (Round to three decimal places as needed.)

– What is the margin of error for this sample? The margin of error is. (Round to three decimal places as needed.)

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– Is there evidence that this proportion has changed since 2016 based on this sample?
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