Good morning, I want you to complete the FMEA table for lathe Machine with Six parts that I will put below you must choose these six parts that I will put it and I will give an example of how to solve the table. As you see in the table below i write about head stock to show you how to solve the table.

–Functions of Lathe Machine Parts

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1)Ways : Ways are the guide rails in through which different parts of the lathe machine moves. It is used for the precise movement of the carriage and other mounted parts. Ways may be inner ways and outer ways.
2) Carriage: carriage holds the tools and provides movement of the tool in both cross and longitudinal directions. For taper turning and facing cross feed is used for conventional turning carriage provides longitudinal feed. Carriage contains some other parts . It runs through the outer ways.
3)Tailstock : tailstock is used for centering the job when a long job is tied on
the chuck. It provides a good support to damp the vibration. It is generally mounted on the inner ways.Tail stock is arranged to slide along the bed and can be locked to it at any convenient point; the upper portion of the unit is fitted with what is variously called a “barrel”, “spindle” “ram” or “shoot” that can be moved in and out of the main casting by hand, lever or screw feed and carries a “Dead Centre” that supports the other end of work held (by variouS means) in the headstock..
4) Cross Slide : Cross Slide is mounted on the carriage. Its function is to provide cross feed of the tool and its movement is perpendicular to the center of the lathe machine.
5) Compound Rest: Compound rest is set up over the cross slide and it can move in a circular path 6)Emergency Stop Button: This button is used for turning off the machine if there is risk involved while operating the machine


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