As part of its Indigenous Education Strategic Plan, college intends to increase the participation of Indigenous learners and underrepresented groups through increased engagement and support. As a result, college is planning to recruit First Nation high school grads for next academic year.

Requirement: As a marketing communication agency, your team has been approached by the Marketing Director to design a creative brief.

Your Creative Brief should be compelling but not more than two pages in length. It should be enough to outline the goal of the piece, establish the direction and defines the audience and the message while showing the creative strategy.

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Your assignment should include the following sections or bubbles:

  1. Identify the problem or issue that the advertising campaign must address. This should be looked at from the perspective of the organization who is hiring you (the “client”)

  2. Target audience(s) for this specific advertising campaign. Describe the intended target audience psychographically on ALL dimensions demonstrating your thorough understanding of the target market. A primary target persona is highly recommended.

  3. Communications or Behavioral Objectives for the campaign: Do not include strategies here (Do not confuse objectives with strategies or tactics). The objectives you want the promotion element (such as your social media campaign) to achieve are the ones you will articulate here. What behavior are you trying to effect? What communications task are you trying to achieve?

  4. Identify the Key Consumer Benefit (Unique Selling Proposition) to communicate. This may also be articulated as a Brand Positioning Statement.

  5. Creative Strategy:

    1. a) Creative Theme: focus for the entire campaign – the central message or “big


    2. b) What is the message appeal? – Rational, performance, emotional, humour, fear,

      lifestyle or a combination?

    3. c) What is the use of source or “spokesperson” in your strategy (i.e.: celebrities,

      ordinary person)?

    4. d) What executional techniques/framework will you use? (Remember there should

      be NO discussion of this in your brief. Just describe it briefly).

  6. Supporting Information and Requirements: Anything you think should be present in the brief to support the key messages (For e.g., it could be a research claim

    support, legal information, copyright, trademark, disclaimer information).

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