Question 13 of 36
………is an example of the process theory of motivation.
A. Maslow’s hierachy of needsB. Hertzberg’s two-factor motivation theoryC. The equity theory of motivationD. The acquired needs modelQuestion 14 of 36
_____ is a control system used to determine the effectiveness of the organisation’s transformation process.
A. InventoryB. Performance managementC. OperationsD. QualityQuestion 15 of 36
Which one of the following options is an example of inventory control?
A. Programme Evaluation And Review Technique (PERT)B. Total Quality Management (TQM)C. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)D. Inventory budgetQuestion 16 of 36
When placing an order for materials with a supplier, the economic order quantity is the quantity (in units) for which the sum of total _____ costs and _____ costs will be a minimum.
A. out-of-stock, materials replenishmentB. annual order, inventory holdingC. renting, advertisingD. materials replenishment, total inventory


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