1. What is showrooming?

– Having part of a retail store dedicated to displaying large items, which would take up too much space to display on normal shelves

– Having sales associates conduct live demonstrations of products in-store

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– When customers visit a retailer to research and see a product, but end up purchasing it somewhere else

– When a sales associate hits his or her sales goals, and starts celebrating in front of other people without sharing the wealth or even a slice of cake

2. The main difference between backward integration and forward integration, with regards to supply chain activities, is that backward-integrated retailers undertake retailing activities (i.e. selling to consumers), whereas forward-integrated retailers undertake manufacturing activities (i.e. producing products).

True / False

3. For food retailers, the power perimeter is best described as:

– The area of the store that offers food options, such as power bars, to athletes

– The high-foot-traffic, outer walls of the store

– Two times length, plus two times width

– The walking area of the store that purposely slows down customers

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