How could Katie use the five-step decision making model, shown in figure 1 below, to evaluate her options and possible strategies for the lay-off? Figure 1) The Rational Decision-Making Process, Identify the Problem ? Create Alternative Solutions to the Problem ? Identify the Best Alternative ? Implement the Chosen Alternative ? Evaluate the Decision and the Decision Process. 2. Using Kotter and Schlesinger’s six tactic approach, shown below in figure 2, what are some techniques that Katie might have employed to manage or try to control the union’s resistance? Figure

2) Kotter and Schlesinger Six Tactic Approach for Overcoming Resistance to Change, Education and Communication, Participation and Involvement, Facilitation and Support, Negotiation, Manipulation and Co-optation, Coercion and Threats.
3. From the case facts and circumstances, there seems to have been little trust between St. Rita’s and the Union. However, it appears that trust might be starting to develop between Katie and Debbie. Using the continuum of Deterrence Based, through Knowledge Based, to Identification Based Trust, what are some of the fundamental aspects of trust that come into play in this situation?

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