Central University, in the south of England, is renowned for its postgraduate studies. As a result, a considerable number of foreign postgraduate students have been drawn to the University in recent years. These students’ fees contribute significantly to the University’s overall budgeted revenue. To aid in the recruiting of foreign students, the University has created a small department to market its courses internationally and to liaise with educational institutions in key countries.

However, there has been a notable decrease in the number of applicants from foreign students this year. The University’s administration is uncertain if this is due to the global economic crisis or whether there are other influences at work. They also agreed to undertake research to explore how studying at Central University is now viewed by prospective students as well as primary opinion formers such as education bodies and large employers. It has commissioned quantitative studies in the three countries that have served the University’s major foreign markets to date (China, Russia and Brazil).

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Your consulting company, which has offices in each of the target nations, has secured the project contract. The department recommends conducting a process of desk analysis to guide the construction of a questionnaire. It would then perform a telephone survey, with each office in charge of performing fieldwork in its own region. The reports would then be sent to the agency’s headquarters in London for review. The University has set a six-month deadline for completing and publishing on the research.

Based on above case study answer the following:

(a) Discuss THREE (3) types of secondary data that might be useful in shaping the nature of the questionnaire. Illustrate where each of data can be traces and justify why each of data is significant to your consulting company.

(b)Compare FOUR (4) advantages of doing fieldwork independently in each of the countries involved, as suggested, versus conducting all the telephone interviews centrally from the UK.

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