Question 1: Project Man agement (15 marks) The City Council of Bhootnagar has decided to build a botanical garden and picnic area in the heart of the city for the recreation of its citizens. The precedence table for all activities required to construct this area successfully is given below. Code Activity Description Titne (hours) hnmediate PredecessorA Planning Find location;detennine resource requirements 20 None B Purchasing “Requisition of lumberand sand” 60 Planning c Excavation Dig and grade 100 Planning D Sawing “Saw lu1nber intoaooropriate sizes” 30 Purchasing E Placement “Position lu1nber incorrect locations” 20 “Sawing, excavation” F Assen1bly Nail lu1nber together 10 Placement G Infill “Put sand in and underea uioment” 20 Assen1bly H Out-fill Put dirt around ea uioment 10 Assen1bly I Decoration “Put grass all over the garden, landscape, paint” 30 “Infill, out-fill” b) What is the n1ini1num duration of the project ?


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