Company ‘M’ specializes in producing personal protective equipment in regional Victoria, Australia. To produce face masks, Company M utilizes its ‘mask maker’ machines that automatically sandwiches the filter material and metal nose piece between an inner and outer layer of fabric. It then folds the pleats, welds the layers together, and cuts each mask accordingly. Company M has two machines, bought from two different suppliers, that perform the folding, welding and cutting processes in the exact same order. The capacity of each machine to perform the folding, welding and cutting processes is shown in the table below: Machine capacity (# masks per day) Machine Folding Welding Cutting Machine 1 500 300 800 Machine 2 400 600 700 4 If needed, each machine can perform all processes of folding, welding and cutting or any combination of each two processes, or only one process alone. However, due to concerns on energy consumption, both machines cannot perform welding at the same time. Formulate the ILP problem for Company M to maximise its face mask production. You do not need to solve the model.
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