Assume that you are working in the marketing department of a major manufacturer of athletic shoes. Your company is introducing a new product, a line of disposable sports clothing. That is right—wear it once and toss it!

Your boss is wondering and wants you to recommend if it would be best for the company to market the line of clothing with a new brand name or use the family brand name that has already gained popularity with its existing products.

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For this Discussion, please complete the following

  1. Thoroughly read Chapter 9: “Product II: Product Strategy, Branding, and Product Management”, and be sure to review Branding Strategies in section 9.3 of your e-text.
  2. Take the time to completely evaluate each brand strategy, however, do not include it in your primary post.
  3. Then take about a paragraph to develop a clear brand strategy recommendation to your boss?
  4. And, explain why you are making that recommendation?


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