The Victorian government is making a decision about opening new vaccination centres to improve the coverage of COVID-19 vaccination in 10 suburbs (from A-J). Currently, there are 7 potential locations to consider. The operating costs associated with each vaccination centre and the covered areas are listed in the table below. 6 Information related to vaccination centres Potential locations 1 WNA 2 3 Suburbs covered A, B, H,J A, B, C, E, G A, C, E C, D, F, G B, E, 1 E, F, H, J C, D, G, 1 Operating costs 20,000 15,000 12,000 18,000 11,000 16,000 20,000 4 5 6 7 Since suburbs E and G have a large population, they each should be covered by at least two vaccination centres. Also, since locations 1 and 2 are quite close, a maximum of one location can be selected. Based on the constraints, formulate an integer programming model that could be used to minimise the total operating costs and cover all suburbs. You do not need to solve the model.


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