This assessment activity requires you to write a report about an HR experience based on the guidelines below: Describe a HRM situation you have lived or observed in a business or work setting. Describe the organization and the context. Explain how this situation was handled by the managers/parties involved (employee and employer sides) Do a critical analysis of the way it was handled including its on strengths & weaknesses, consequences at short, medium and long term, its impact on motivation and on employees’ morale, and any financials consequences Identify the HR functions and comment on the integration with or relationship to the other business components of the organization. Please note: you will not necessarily find all the functions. Please identify which were not present and what the impact might be on the organization. What have you learned from your experience? What recommendations would you make to the company? Why? Support your points with theoretical rationales, make sure that your recommendations are practical and doable in the context. Your report should be approximately 3,000 words in length. One approach would be to devote a page to each of the bulleted content points above. But the bottom line is – you are free to exercise your creativity in writing this report. Your report will be graded according to the depth of analysis, the relevancy of your observations, the integration of theory and concepts, and the value of your recommendations. The structure, consistency and rigour of development, as well as grammar, style and professionalism of the document, will be taken into consideration too. This assessment activity is worth


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