organizations, con ng and possibly creating more is unidentified and never dealt with, and these organizations suffer. Identification and rew CH result in success! CASE STUDY: Conflict Management At Cool, the new restaurant in town, Jim is the closing manager. Usually, his team gets along quita well. They are friendly and professional. They typically work well together and many are friends with each other outside of work. On Thursday night, however, he observes two of the kitchen staff having a loud verbal interaction with two of the servers. Immediately, he rushes over to the group. Stepping in to stop the argument, as he tells them all to report to the office after their shift. He is furious at their unprofessionalism. When the four employees arrive in his office, they are still arguing. Jim is at a loss for words. Finally, he says, “OK, sit down and write down exactly what happened and how it can be fixed.” One hour later, all four of them had an account of the incident and some suggestions for dealing with the problem Case Study Questions 1. Is this a good approach to conflict management? Give reasons. 2. What should Jim do next? 3. Do you think the situation can be resolved in this manner? 4. If you were Jim, how would you deal with the four employees? KEY POINTS


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