Fireworks Company sold Siddle $20,000 worth of fireworks knowing that Siddle did not have a license. The purchase and payment plan was in writing, and Siddle agreed to make monthly payments of $1,500 until paid in full. The sale was illegal because Siddle did not have a license to make the purchase. Fireworks Company knew the sale was illegal because the state attorney general had previously notified Fireworks Company and other similar stores that customers needed to have proper licensing to make purchases. Fireworks Company disregarded the attorney generals notification because Fireworks Company strongly opposes government regulations. Siddle made approximately $4,500 in payments and then Siddle stopped paying. Fireworks Company sues Siddle for the remaining amount due. What is the result?

Fireworks Company will recover the remaining amount due.
Fireworks Company will not recover the remaining amount due.
Fireworks Company will recover a partial amount of the remaining amount due

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