Who will perform a particular supply chain activity is known as

Select one:


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Firm ‘S’ is not on the cost-responsiveness efficient frontier. It can improve

Select one:

responsiveness, cost performance, and efficiency.

only responsiveness.

both responsiveness and cost performance.

only cost performance.


What are the key pillars of corporate social responsibility?

Select one:

Local, political and internal

Sustainability, economy and stability

Information, sourcing and logistics

Environmental, social and governance


All decisions in the supply chain should be assessed based on their effect on

Select one:

functional costs.

inventory costs.

sales revenue.

total costs.


Which of the following is a risk for a successful CPFR implementation?

Select one:

Needs cross functional team, customer-specific teams

Does not need a higher organizational and technological investment

One or partners can have relationship with the partner’s competitors.

Needs technology for sharing forecasting and historical information

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