more and more modern organizations use robots to replace human in the workplace. Although all industries are affected by robots., some are most likely to be affected, such as health care, transportation and logistics, customer service and manufacturing, specifically in the car manufacturing industry. Robots have also been used widely in the medical industry, where they are used to contact neurological, orthopaedic and general surgery. robotics has various benefits, such as assisting with dirty, dull and dangerous tasks.. It can lead to increase in productivity and worker safety. However, there are also many risks involved, and being a good corporate citizen requires organizations to investigate and address these risks. Robot technology could increase productivity in the workplace, but such an increase could rise to higher expectations of human workers and, in turn, to increased injury risk. Another possible risk is that the decreased physical capabilities resulting from using robots will tempt employees to push themselves, potentially increasing their risk of injury. The biggest risk of using robots is probably when they replace workers and employers are forced to give people notice, pay them severance and retrain employees.

4.1 Identify and discuss the specific factors described in the case study that influence modern organizations and explain the risk attached

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