Anya has worked for an accounting firm for two years, and has been offered managerial position with a slight increase in salary and wants to pursue to pursue the position. Which of the following is the first step for Anya to take to effectively negotiate a higher salary before accepting the position?

A. Initiate a strong yet friendly conversation with management.

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B. Overcome any fears associated with upsetting the employer.

C. Communicate any contributions that will be made on the new job.

D. Find out the salaries of employees working in similar positions.

Question 2: Aisha and Maryam are in the same sorority. Aisha is running for the university’s student government treasurer position. Maryam says, “I’ll never vote for her, whether she is my sister or not.” Maryam is experiencing what kind of conflict?

A. Interdependent

B. Interpersonal

C. Intergroup

D. Intrapersonal

Question 3: Luna Bella wants to know which leadership style will be most effective. According to Path-Goal Thebry, the effectiveness of various leadership styles depends on the following two factors.

A. Employee ability and willingness

B. Job performance and job satisfaction

C. Employee characteristics and environmental factors

D. Empowerment and reciprocity

E Transactional and Transformational


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