For this assignment, you are going to compose two emails, aimed
at different audiences with slightly different purposes. Therefore,
while they share the characteristics of business correspondence
(formal salutations, closings, and correct positions), the tone and
content may differ.

  • Message: A client’s insurance premium payment did not post
    correctly. The client, Ava Schwartz, contacted you and informed you
    of the error. You have corrected the error and the payment is now
    posted and will reflect on the next statement. Draft an email
    apologizing to the client for the error and informing her of the

Professionalism: Make sure you are using the proper names and
positions in your

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correspondence. Ensure that your tone is appropriate. Use CC,

options wisely and only if needed. Use proper email

Clarity: Your emails should clearly state what you are
communicating, e.g. what

you need, what you are apologizing for, etc.) and should omit


Concision: Your email should convey the message quickly and
effectively while

still including proper formatting and salutations/closings.

Thank you!

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