Mike Brassington is the CEO of Canada Steel, a firm that produces steel products for a global market. To improve on one of its products which has received some criticisms on its quality, Canada Steel wants to put together a team that will involve different people in the organization, across different departments, so as to utilize their skills in a manner that would be more productive than if they worked separately. Mike has two ideas on how to design these teams. First, he can put together a group of experienced people from different departments (e.g., marketing, engineering, etc.) to solve the problem (Team 1). Second, he can allow interested employees to have online discussions voluntarily (Team 2). He also has to decide on how to measure the success of the team’s efforts. What is the term for the first type of team Mike is considering, where he will put together different people from different units (Team 1)? O a high-performance team a a virtual team a self-directed team a process improvement team a quality improvement team
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