1.When appropriately connected to the organization, which type of group can be highly productive and motivating?

Multiple Choice

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  • a service club

  • a committee

  • a department

  • a division

2.If you have a team that is low on conscientiousness, which of the following would you recommend?

Multiple Choice

  • The team should engage in reflexivity.

  • They need a team charter.

  • Team norms should be reinforced.

  • They need to promote team voice.

3.Assume that some members of late-night show production teams dislike other team members because they think they are lazy. Based on the Management in Action case, these ________ conflicts may be exacerbated with the sudden change to virtual production.

Multiple Choice

  • envy-based

  • personality

  • cross-cultural

  • functional

4.Staffing, appraising, compensation, and training and development are types of

Multiple Choice

  • market cultures.

  • human resource practices.

  • organizational structures.

  • delegation activities.


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