Provide the paraphrased main idea sentence in APA format. Comment on how the author tries to persuade the audience through the rhetorical strategies used (Pathos, Logos, Ethos). Finish your introduction by stating whether or not you think the article is persuasive based on the strategies the author uses. Keep this section brief and direct.
Analysis component
Your analysis will follow directly after the introduction as part of the same assignment. Do not include titles or subheadings to separate your paragraphs.

You need to choose three arguments in the article where the author tries to persuade her audience. These arguments will contain evidence in the form of statistics, emotional appeals, extreme examples, loaded language, and expert testimony. Based on everything that you’ve learned in the course, you need to critique and evaluate if her use of these strategies is effective in persuading the reader.
In order to test your paraphrasing skills, you need to paraphrase the author’s arguments along with the necessary paragraph references as in-text citations. Keep in mind, however, that when you are providing the evidence, some aspects can’t be paraphrased, such as statistics, numbers, and figures. Also, if you will be critiquing her use of language, those specific pieces of language (words, phrases) need to be in quotations along with the appropriate in-text citation.
Since this article is controversial and many people have passionate views about this topic, feel free to comment on how the author can improve her argument by mentioning what is missing. If you feel like her argument is strong, please explain why.

Format: Three separate paragraphs with no cover

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