For this assignment you will select a commercial and then evaluate that commercial based on the criteria below. How does your commercial address these items? Your evaluation must be a minimum of 500 words.

AUTHENTIC- Viewers will not only forgive, but they will also frequently reward a“homemade” feel in online video because the content appears more believable.

ENTERTAINING- Put simply, people enjoy fun content. If a video is viewed millions of times because it is funny, the brand will be carried along for the ride even if it is mentioned very briefly.

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INTIMATE –A video that tells a story, perhaps focusing around one person and showing how others react, is more appealing because it creates a connection with the viewer.

OFFBEAT AND UNUSUAL – Offbeat and unusual tend to work together. A video needs to be distinct and memorable to stand out among the millions uploaded regularly.Videos that challenge a taboo or that seem otherwise strange and unlikely can be highly popular. Why or why not do you feel that this is a good marketing tool? Was there cross-promotion in the video, links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a website? Was this commercial successful in promoting the product, why or why not?

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