You are the replacement for someone that has been in the position of community manager for over 25 years. As a result of re-branding the organization, you now are tasked with performance reviews of full-time and part-time staff. (the majority of the staff have been employed in the rural community for 25 years). The volunteers need a go-to person for the day-to-day running of their schedules and mandates. You acquire an ill-run budget including receipts in a shoebox without any descriptions. The staff are threatening to walk off the job due to unpaid overtime and abuse from a majority of the users of the facility. You are also faced with the fact the person you replaced was very beloved despite the issues, and not only has remained on a volunteer – they are local to the community. By week 2 you need to consider the following: Staffing issues and concerns Consider the jurisdiction Health and Safety Proper accounting of budgets Volunteer organization

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