Final individual paper Training & Development Final Individual Paper will be due on December 8 2021. Topics will be chosen from the topics discussed in class and outlined below. Please choose one topic for your paper. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words, and a maximum of 3000. Double spaced, Arial font, size 12. In Word Format. If you are unable to use word you may handwrite your paper. Please follow APA style for your paper, and ensure all referencing is completed. Please ensure that your paper meets the guidelines in the Alpha Academic dishonesty policy. All papers not meeting this policy will receive a ZERO grade. Importance of Training & Development in the Canadian Workplace Is Training and Development a cost or a return on investment to an organization. Tell me why and defend your position Training and Development is a part of the Human Resource System; provide a reasoning and examples of how Training and Development has an impact on the other subdepartments of HR. . .

cite your references or bodies of work, where you gathered your information from.

ensure APA standards are adhered to. Failure to utilize and demonstrate APA citation will cause a lower overall mark.

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All papers will be checked for plagiarism. A Zero mark will be assigned for any type of plagiarism.

Please do not put pictures or graphics in your paper. If you are referencing a graph or table, please put it in an appendix of the paper. Academic papers do not include pictures.

No late papers will be accepted.
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