One important M-Global account is Midwest Media Systems, a company that owns and operates a dozen radio and television stations throughout the Midwest. On one recent project, M-Global engineers and technicians did the foundation investigation for, and supervised construction of a new transmitting tower for a television station in Toledo.

First, your staff members completed a foundation investigation; they examined the soils and rock below grade at the site. On the basis of what they learned, M-Global ordered the tower and the guy wires that connect it to the ground. Once the construction crew actually began excavating for the foundation, however, they found mud that could not support the foundation for the tower. Although unfortunate, it sometimes happens that actual soil conditions cannot be predicted by a single preliminary study. Because of this discovery of mud below the foundation, the location of the transmitting tower must be shifted to another location on the site. As a result, the precut guy wires are the wrong length for the new site, so M-Global must order wire extenders. The extenders will arrive in two weeks, and the completion of the new tower will be delayed by that much time. All other parts of the project are on schedule. Your client, Ms. Sharon West, owner of Midwest Media Systems in Cleveland, doesn’t understand much about soil or foundation work, but she does understand what construction delays mean to the profit margin of her company’s new television station as it attempts to compete with larger stations in Toledo. You must begin by consoling this important client. You should not begin your letter by immediately delivering bad news. After you have consoled your client, by relating to her project’s delay, or thanking her for years of depending on M-Global for quality service, you may then deliver the bad news by informing your client about the details of your findings. You’ll want to end by offering whatever you can (something to compensate your client for the two-week’s worth of profit loss), so you can hopefully maintain a positive relationship with Ms. West. You may create any kind of project delay (two weeks) that you’d like. If you do decide to write about a different type of project being delayed, the goal is the same. Your assignment is to begin your letter by consoling the person to whom you are writing, then you will want to inform the person of your findings (all the details), all in an attempt to, lastly, maintain that person as an M-Global client.

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