Ownership Structure and Approvals Required for Small Business Case Study
Stephanie Anderson has found an ideal site to establish her café. The premises have been vacant for three months and were previously used as a vet clinic.
An inspection of the premises reveals that the inside is now completely empty. Stephanie has a plan for the design of her café. She proposes to demolish the internal partition walls left by the previous occupier and build a new front for the café. She plans to lay a new tiled floor, paint the walls and ceiling, and install new light fittings. After this, stoves, ovens and other appliances will be installed and the premises will be fitted with modern furnishings. Because she intends to stay open late every night, a flashing neon sign will be erected outside the front of the café. Six sets of outdoor tables and chairs will be placed at the front of the café beside the public walkway. Stephanie intends to play recorded music inside the café to attract customers.
When operations commence, Stephanie will serve drinks and sandwiches, as well as a range of menu meals and desserts. Food and drinks will be prepared and served in the café by Stephanie and her staff. Customers will have the option to dine-in or order take-away. To save time, Stephanie will make some of the desserts at home and store them in her kitchen freezer. She will also do her bookwork and administration at home
What compulsory registrations are required for Stephanie’s business? Give details about each one.


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