your charge is to hunt for TWO sources that outline how any new Health Care Act legislation could impact long term care services. (You can source goals during the previous Presidential administration, although I’d recommend you research any plans or priorities for the current Biden administration instead).

Provide the digital sources, and summarize their main take-aways. Finally, as this is a blog again ;), provide your insights and perspective on the potential changes (i.e. your opinion) and what you think it ultimately means for the LTC sector and patients today and for the future.

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You begin to address the influence of the Affordable Care Act on long term care services and reimbursement; specifically by way of how payments have been bundled, thereby encouraging higher levels of health-system-integration between LTCs and larger healthcare organizations and networks. However, beyond that, the impact of the ACA on the long term care health industry sector is described as unclear. The impact on consumer choice–as influenced by regulation, financing, and politics–along with the move toward Medicaid managed care, are highlighted as areas of concern, but with little detail and insight.

During the Trump administration we were in a time of uncertainty given strong legislative interest – albeit somewhat diminished following an unsuccessful attempt in late 2017 – to further revise broad-sweeping health policy at the federal level… for instance, passing a new bill that would have effectively replaced the ACA. Details on the new provisions were often sparse and described in partisan terms, and were actively in fluid negotiations.

Nonetheless, any new, modified, changing, and/or broad-sweeping healthcare policy at the federal level would likely impact long term care services at the state and local levels… under any Presidential Administration.

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