Marketing Communication Authentic Assessment Case Earth’s Friend is a pioneering eco-friendly cleaning brand that was created in 1970 in a garden shed in Cardiff, Wales. The Earth’s Friend brand is synonymous with the cleaning industry, both locally and internationally. From its infancy, this company has been committed to sustainability, family health and making eco-friendly high quality cleaning products. From the humble garden shed beginnings, this company has gone from strength to strength, including being voted Wale’s top brand for commitment to reducing environmental impacts. The product range includes body and hair care, laundry, household cleaners, dishwashing products and air fresheners. The company’s main priority is innovation, making a name for itself as a pioneering brand. For example, their entire household cleaning range is biodegradable, grey water and septic tank safe. Their laundry cleaners contain no harsh chemicals. In fact, the ingredients in their products are plant- based which break down into mineral and plant materials which is better for the environment. This company has also lead the way in terms of using recycled materials and packaging their products in recyclable containers. Their entire Household Cleaning range of container bottles are made from 75 per cent recycled plastic, their shipping boxes (used in their distribution network) are made from recyclable and recycled materials, and their unit cartons (everything sold in a box) are 100 per cent recyclable. Since October 2018, Earth’s Friend has reused and diverted approximately 500 tonnes of plastic from landfill. Old milk, water and juice bottles are being turned into Earth’s Friend packaging. The company also follows environmental practices at their Cardiff based factory to ensure they take into consideration the full life cycle of a product, including manufacturing. Earth’s Friend are the pioneers in the eco-friendly cleaning industry. MKTG1041, Final Assessment Task (Melbourne) Semester 1, 2021 Page 1 of 4 As part of RMIT’s International involvement, the Earth’s Friend marketing department becomes aware of the significant positive impact that Marketing Communications students had on product development and marketing communication environment in Australia and were impressed by your resume. Congratulations, you are the newly appointed “Marketing Communications Manager” for Earth’s Friend in Australia. After undertaking a thorough analysis of the situation facing Earth’s Friend cleaning industry, you discover that Earth’s Friend three main issues. First, a significant consumption pattern shift away from multiple cleaning products towards a single cleaning product that is a ‘jack of all trades’ as consumer research suggests that consumers, especially younger and first time home leavers, find a wide array of different cleaning products for different cleaning jobs too confusing or too expensive. Globally, while there is a consumer trend towards environmentally friendly cleaning products but consumers are still motivated by price. Second, the company faces increased competition from other manufacturers, especially brands that have a single, universal cleaner designed to be the ultimate cleaning solution for every surface or material. Koh is an example of this type of competitor. Third, the company does not have as strong a digital media presence as its competitors and, because of the name, Earth’s Friend is easily confused with other brands saying they are ‘Earth’s Friend’ or other brands using similar names around being environmentally friendly, including a fertiliser company and a soap manufacturer. Thus, Earth’s Friend, the cleaning brand, is potentially, missing out on many opportunities for meaningful consumer engagement. True to the Earth’s Friend sustainability and innovation heritage, and with the assistance of your product development team, you are looking to develop a response to competitors to develop a leadership position. The product development team have developed a process of turning recycled plastics into cleaning accessories, including a cleaning cloth and scrub brush. In trying to attract younger consumers who are starting out in their first home, they have put together a “Cleaning Essentials – Starter Kit”. The starter box contains ten essential cleaning items: 1. Handwash 2. Bodywash 3. Laundry tablets 4. Stain remover 5. Dishwashing tablets 6. Toilet cleaner 7. Bathroom cleaner 8. Air freshener 9. Cleaning cloth 10. Scrub brush Each product and container is completely recyclable and made from recyclable plastics, even the cleaning cloth and scrub brush! The “Cleaning Essentials – Starter Kit” is boxed in recycled cardboard and contains dividers to keep all ten items neatly stored. The box fits into most cupboards so it is easy to integrate into a household, just sit it under a bathroom or laundry sick for example. Plus, the box would be easy to distribute through online channels or direct marketing. You realise this kit is a marketable idea. However, some of Earth’s Friend’s previous campaigns have not performed their best. Your research leads you to believe that two key problems have caused this previous underperformance. First, poor segmentation and targeting, leading to poor positioning and second, an inability to break through the clutter that is the highly competitive cleaning products category. With this in mind, you begin the process of briefing a panel of respected full-service agencies with the intent of selecting the agency that both assists you formalise the appropriate campaign strategy and integrated campaign idea to launch the “Cleaning Essentials – Starter Kit”. As part of this process, you must clarify a range of thinking that will form the foundation of the work. It is especially important to you that the successful agency fully understands integrated marketing communication and the myriad of tools (communication touchpoints) available.

A key client strategic decision centres around defining the optimal target audience for any prospective campaign, and correct delineation is of critical importance to overall campaign success. You agree and strongly believe that successfully defining a target audience begins with a deep understanding of audience, objectives and segmentation.

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  1. a) Determining an optimal target audience for Earth’s Friend is going to be critical. You are cognisant of the importance of segmentation types. Clearly explain the four types of segmentation and then articulate, with justifications, what you believe the prime delineated of the target audience should be for this campaign

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