This week you will debate with your peers, providing an opportunity to present opposing views, opinions, and research on a topic. Students will be divided up into two groups – Pro versus Con groups. The Pro group will be based on the first letter of their last name A-K and will be in favor of the prompt and the Con group will be based on the first letter of their last name L-Z and will post as opposed to the prompt.

Review this article – Guimarães. M. (2019). Geoblocking and geopricing: An analysis in the light of Mike Feintuck’s public interest theory Revista de Direito, Estado e Telecomunicações,

The prompt is – “It has been identified that geoblocking and geopricing practices can effectively violate constitutional principles and that consumer and antitrust microsystems can suppress those conducts, shaping the performance of economic agents to the public interest” (Guimarães 2019, para. 3).

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Taking in favor view, initial posts should address the topic, what skills are needed to integrate and use analytic systems, the procedures needed to manage health information systems, what to seek for a positive return on investment (ROI), and what you learned from the article. Use competing facts, figures and assumptions.

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