How can technology be helpful or harmful to society? Please provide examples

Refer to this as well:

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The Palantir field trip was fascinating and educational about a firm I had never heard of before. I was amazed to learn that, via the use of their data engineering tools, they assisted the US and their special ops in identifying and murdering Osama Bin Laden. Also, learning about how the corporation uses its data engineering systems to track down cartels and worldwide sex/human trafficking was very compelling, as sex/human trafficking and drug smuggling are at an all-time high not just in the United States but all over the world.

Another feature of the firm that I found fascinating was their disaster relief work and support, which they do in collaboration with non-profit groups. I had no clue that data systems were utilized to determine what resources and services are required in the most severely affected locations. It would be fun to learn more about how the firm got started in this industry and how long they’ve been providing disaster aid, as well as what their first disaster relief project was.

I wonder where do they acquire all of the funds for non-profit activities and other data engineering initiatives, is one of my inquiries for the firm. Is it mostly sponsored by the US government, or do they also take on contracts from other countries? Is there anything they’re doing about the border problem right now? Is the corporation concerned about what’s going on at the border, given that it’s becoming easier for drug gangs to transport drugs and people trafficking through our borders into the US? Overall, it was a remarkable firm to learn about because I had never heard of them before and they appear to do a lot of good for society and the globe.

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