Currently, the University of Limpopo can store 200 files on hard disk, 100 files in computer memory, and 300 files on tape. Users want to store 300 word-processing files, 100 packaged-program files, and 100 data files. Each month a typical word-processing file is accessed eight times; a typical packaged-program file, four times; and atypical data file, two times. When a file is accessed, the time it takes for the file to be retrieved depends on the type of file and on the storage medium. See Table 2 below. Table 1: Storage Medium Hard disk Memory Tape Time (Minutes) Word Packaged Processing Program 5 4 2 1 10 8 Data 4 1 6 a) If the goal is to minimize the total time per month that users spend accessing their files, formulate a balanced transportation problem that can be used to determine where files should be stored. (5) b) Use the Vogel Approximation method to find a basic feasible solution. (5) c) Use the transportation simplex (Modified Distribution) method to find an optimal solution. (10)


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