In this one-or-two-page assignment, you will explore how and why U.S. antitrust laws are enforced by reporting on a particular case.

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Perfect competition is our paradigm. If there is lots of competition, there is little (if any) need for government regulation, at least according to Adam Smith. Yet, we have much regulation to stop businesses that try to monopolize or engage in unfair or deceptive trade practices as summarized at the Federal Trade Commission’s website: FTC Guide to Anti-trust Laws

Do a little research to identify an antitrust case that you find interesting. Describe the alleged illegal behavior or practice as well as the antitrust law(s) prohibiting such behavior. Explain how the alleged illegal behavior might lead to inefficient market outcomes and either limit competition and/or harm consumers.

Note: One useful source of information is the public documents and antitrust case filings posted on the website of the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division.


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