Talal owns a small business. His friend Nadir would like to join him as a partner. What benefit will Talal get by accepting Nadir as a partner?
a.The capital will increase in business.
b.The liabilities of the business will increase.
c.The amount of loans will increase.
d.There will not be any loss.
Khalid is preparing feasibility study for his new business idea. Which of the following should be included in the marketing feasibility?a.details of competitors’ strengths and weaknessb.details of machines to purchasec.Details of suppliersd.None of the Options
Nature cosmetics is a new business in Nizwa, which manufactures cosmetic products using organic raw materials. Salma is the owner of the business and she proudly says, all their products are made from natural and organic raw materials and won’t have any side effects on skin and hair. In SWOT analysis, this will come under
a.weakness of business
The ability to manage time very well and take care of business in an efficient manner is linked to which personal feature of a businessperson?
a.Teambuilding skills
b.Personal effectiveness
c.Interpersonal skills
d.Leadership skills
b.Threats of the business
c.Opportunities of business
d.Strengths of business
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