For your first journal entry for this class, we would like you to research an entrepreneur who inspires you. They may be a founder of a company you love, or someone that you’ve heard about and who you would like to learn more about.

We don’t really mind how you do your research, as long as your sources are credible and reliable. You might choose to interview an entrepreneur you know in your personal life, or you might choose to do some research online and write a profile based on articles and videos you’ve found on the web. Wherever possible, try to find sources where the entrepreneur tells their own story, rather than relying on others to tell their story for them.

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Make sure you cover the following points in your submission:

  • Provide a quick overview of the entrepreneur’s career and history. Which companies or projects have they been involved in? When and where did their entrepreneurial journey start? How long have they been an entrepreneur?
  • What entrepreneurial traits and characteristics does the entrepreneur you’re profiling exemplify? Do they have particular strengths or weaknesses? How well do they align with the aspects of an “entrepreneurial mindset” that we’ve considered in this module?
  • Has your chosen entrepreneur faced any substantial risks in their career? Have they experienced failure or rejection? Did they overcome these challenges? If so, how?
  • At the end of your post, provide links to the most important sources that you used to learn about your chosen entrepreneur’s story.


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