CLO 2 Prepare business documents with professional tone and content for the intended audience

Content requirements

Business documents come in many forms.

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  • E-mails and memos carry non-sensitive information and are especially effective for informal messages being sent to multiple recipients.
  • Business letters tend to be more formal and are the preferred channel for sending messages to receivers who are outside of the business.
    • Business letters are used when it is necessary to maintain a permanent record and confidentiality.
    • Use of company letterhead conveys formality and sensitivity to deliver persuasive and well-considered messages


  1. You are responsible for planning and managing a family event at your local science center.
  2. Families with annual memberships may attend without an entrance fee.
  3. Non-members must pay $5 per person for entrance.
  4. Gift bags are promised to the first 100 families.
  5. The event has been widely advertised.
  6. No advanced tickets are offered.

The day of the event arrives, and turnout exceeds even the loftiest of expectations.

  1. Fire code regulations set maximum capacity at 450 people.
  2. With 50 employees working the event, only 400 of the 600 people standing in line will be allowed inside. That means 200 people are turned away.
  3. Gift bags run out quickly as multiple family members were taking gift bags rather than taking just the one allotted for each family unit.

You have learned some valuable lessons and will certainly use what you’ve learned to better plan for future events. However, right now you must respond to nearly 50 angry letters.

  1. Some members are angry for not being given priority attendance over non-members.
  2. Members and non-members who did not receive gift bags are angry because their distribution was not well managed.
  3. Several people who had traveled for the event, just to be turned away, are angry that advanced ticket purchases were not available.

To appease the angry letter writers, you have been authorized to give each 4 vouchers for tickets to a popular show running in the onsite planetarium.

• After reading the scenario, write a form letter that can be used to respond to the complaints and can be used to respond to everyone. Be sure your letter conveys understanding and fairness.

Formatting requirements

• Your submission must be in a Microsoft Word document with no less than 200 words

• Use professional language and formatting

• Ensure that your letter is clear, accurate, and grammatically correct.

• Use a letterhead, use block style and sign your name with an appropriate title.

• In-text citations and a References page are required for any resources used

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