1. Mr. Khalid has a car wash service center in Jubail. He wants to service 25 cars per day with 8 working hours/day. The tasks, task times, and immediate predecessors for washing one car is given below: (Write the formulae and use two places after the decimal point) (8.5 marks) a. Draw a precedence diagram for Mr. Khalid based on the tasks performed. (2 marks) b. What is the cycle time for his operations? (1.5 marks) c. How many minimum (theoretically) number of workstations are required by Mr. Khalid? (1.5 marks) d. Balance the line by assigning tasks to the workstations. (1.25 marks) e. The goal of Mr. Khalid is to have an optimal efficiency. Hence, compute and inform Mr. Khalid on the efficiency based on the practical balancing of workstations? (2.25 marks) Tasks Performance Time (Minutes) Task must follow task listed below A 3 B 19 ? 11 AB D B, C E 9 A F 6 DE G S E, F 6
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