The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) website http://stats.oecd. org/index.aspx has a wealth of economic data. For example, under Monthly Economic Indicators, find International Trade Indicators. Choose the data for Germany and import it into Excel. If you like, experiment with some of the many options at this site for filtering the data. The tools are pretty amazing. Problems 32–35 (and 42 in the Level B section) are based on the file School Schedule.mdb. Open this file in Access, click on Database Tools and select Relationships to see the relationships diagram. Essentially, students at a university take sections of courses. The sections are in various buildings, and the courses are in various departments. The Student_ Schedules table is for the many-to-many relationship between students and sections: one student can take multiple sections, and a given section contains multiple students.

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