Jack and Ann are both 25 years old. They agree to the following
1. Jack agrees to buy Ann’s phone for $200.
2. Jack agrees to
buy Ann’s car for $5,000.
3. Jack rents an apartment from Ann for 2
4. Jack buys a vacation house on .25 acres from Ann.
5. Jack
agrees that, if Ann has lunch with him every Saturday until Jack
retires, Jack will pay Ann $1000.
6. Jack helps Ann get a car loan. He
promises Ann’s lender that if Ann is unable to pay the car loan, Jack
will make the payments (assume Jack receives no benefit himself for this
promise, he is just doing Ann a favor).
Which of these contracts falls
within the statute of frauds and requires a writing? Then, if a contract
falls within the statute of frauds, which of the 5 categories discussed
in the videos does it fall under?

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