Read each of the following situations to determine which approach (direct or indirect) would work best for communicating the bad news. Write “Direct” or “Indirect” under the sentence to indicate the approach you think would work best.

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  1. A customer has ordered an industrial flashlight that has been discontinued and no longer exists in the inventory. It has been replaced with a newer model that is comparable and costs the same.

  1. Dave, a 20-year employee with good performance reviews, has requested a transfer from the Phoenix office to the Los Angeles office so he can live near his aging parents. The transfer cannot be approved because of recent staffing reductions.
  1. A young couple applied for a loan to buy a new home they found after a 3-month search. Their loan application has been rejected because they have insufficient income for their level of debt.
  1. Jane Brown interviewed for a promotion to a sales director position with her current employer. After the three-step interviewing process, the search team selected an external candidate.

  1. Matt Jones, a reporter from a local paper, e-mails each year to request a hard copy of the organization’s annual report. However, this year, the organization printed so few copies that it has none left to fulfill this request. Instead, Jones will receive the annual report in an electronic format.


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