Quality management in businessassists organization to maintain the quality of the services as per the services provided. Quality management has four main components like quality planning, quality assurance, quality improvement and quality management. Choose an organisation that has certified with ISO 9000 in your local area Prepare a report as a proposed quality management that identifies the role of quality management in the inspection and assurance process and range of quality management approaches that the organisation has adopt in quality management process. Identify the similarities and different approaches of quality management process and also identify the importance of customer satisfaction in organisation. The report should also identify the role of self assessment in order to determine organization’s current state of health and importance of communication and record keeping at the organisation.


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Task 1

1.1 Definitions of quality in terms of business and services provision

1.2 Explain and illustrate earlier processes of inspection and assurance

1.3 Range of quality management approaches that can be adopted by the organization

1.4 Similarities and differences between the different approaches

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