Robert Dickens was recently hired as the General Manager of the Wilson Brothers production and distribution facility in Toronto. Dickens is an American with no prior experience in Canada or knowledge of Ontario’s labour laws. Dickens has also never before worked in a unionized environment. The production and distribution workers in this facility are unionized. They recently negotiated and certified their 3rd collective agreement. They were unionized after workers became upset over what they believed was unfair treatment by a Plant Manager who favoured some workers and dismissed others ‘on a whim’. After attempting early in his time at Wilson Brothers to dismiss an employee, Dickens was shocked to find that the employee could grieve his dismissal. Dickens is discovering that his previous management tactics do not seem acceptable in his new workplace. Therefore, he contacts his facility Human Resources Manager, Sean McDonald and asks that Sean explain to him the primary differences between the practices in union versus non-union workplaces.

Question : Describe examples that Sean would provide to Robert. These should include the following:

a) Dismissals/Terminations

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b) Promotions/Job Postings

c) Overtime Distribution

d) Salary Negotiations

e) Disciplinary Process

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