Answer the MCQS according to Talent management subject. please give me right answer of these MCQS , answer now

1] talent management is managing the……….. with in an organisation
a] ability
c] power of employees
d] all of the above

2] Talent can be identified through
a] performance data
b] client feedback
c] job interview
d] qualifications

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3] Talent identification should
a] focus on the top 10% of the work force
b] assume that everyone has talent
c] be HRs responsibility
d] consider staffs willingness to learn and grow

4] Key success factors include
a]proper job design
b] employee participation
c] treating and dealing with staff as a group and not individualistically.
d] the proverbial golden handcuffs

5] Short term reward strategies to retain talent
a] often escalate payroll costs exceeding real benefit
b] Should take note that money is not that important to talented people they would rather experience job satisfaction
c]Include time-factors and delaying tactics
d] Have weak retention value
6 Talented people prefer to be managed in the following manner:
a) They need to be led
b) They need constant recognition
c) They do not want to experiment and fail
d) They need talented leaders
7 The evaluation of organizational and employee performance permits managers to:
a) monitor the skills of employees
b) determine the need for organizational restructuring and process re-engineering
c) check that strategic business objectives are valid, are being successfully communicated throughout the organization and are being achieved
d) ensure that rewards and benefits provided for employees are appropriate and equitable

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