Fifi Yu, VeeTee Inc. HR director, is in a major quandary. Two of the key line supervisors in manufacturing have tendered their resignations, and a whole slew of first-line officers (process engineers, accounting officers, sales supervisors, and brand assistants) have approached her with complaints about being stuck in their jobs for the last three years. Fifi approached her boss, Kokie Lee (GM/COO) about these problems and Kokie said that she has to talk to the concerned line managers. In her conversations with the line managers, Fifi gathered their opinions and assertions, which could be classified into three broad themes:

-Millennials appear to be too impatient, and don’t want to wait their turn.

-We can’t offer higher positions as there are no higher positions to be had.

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-We are too busy to think of those things; we are busy enough trying to survive against competition.

Fifi talked it over with her boss and they decided that Fifi should present to the management committee (composed of all the company managers) a succession management policy and program. Fifi was also asked to present a sample career development plan for identified successor, Robie Chen.

Guide questions:

1.Make a succession management policy

2.Create a career development plan for Robie Chen

3.How will Fifi pitch this succession management policy and program to the management committee, given the earlier feedback given to her?

4.What can Fifi do, as HR Director, to engage line managers to make career development plans for their purported successors?

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